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The Guggenheim Museum Sheds a Tear for Hot Dog Fans

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When Frank Lloyd Wright was designing his iconic spiraling Guggenheim Museum, he probably wasn't thinking about wieners. That's too bad, because if the legendary architect had only been a little concerned with the eating habits of Fifth Avenue tourists, the museum wouldn't be in this position, seeking Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for an outdoor snack stand "to to offer something more attractive than the hot-dog cart that had been in front of the building for many years," as Crain's put it in June.

The Guggenheim enlisted rising architect Andre Kikoski to design the upscale kiosk, which will be presented before the LPC tomorrow. Kikoski recently won praise for The Wright, the new restaurant in the Guggenheim, and here's what he has in store for the alfresco eats.

Blink and you'll miss the teardrop-shaped kiosk, which is underneath the museum's Fifth Avenue overhang. From the street it will probably be difficult to even figure it what it is. The curvy add-on will be enclosed on three sides and the service window will face the museum in the back. But is there a hint of tables and chairs? One diagram appears to show some?er, or not, see the comments below. We don't expect the LPC to torpedo the plan, but we do expect those competing déclassé food vendors to be pretty ticked off. According to the equipment list, there will be hot dogs. Old habits die hard.
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