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Carroll Street's Macaroni Factory-Turned-Lofts Hits Market

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Location: 25 Carroll Street between Columbia and Van Brunt streets
Size: 17 units
Prices: $475,000 to $1.449 million
Architect/Developer: Barrett Design and Development
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran

It wasn't long ago that Brooklyn's 25 Carroll Street got a variance for conversion into a residential building, but the 17 lofts are already on the market. 25 Carroll's had enough past lives (our favorite: it was once the Brooklyn Macaroni Company) that it's probably used to quick transformations. Not to mention that it seems to have found a template in fellow Brooklynite and exposed beam fan Mason Fisk. Many of the units have home offices, which is probably a key feature in the subway-thirsty hinterlands of the Red Hook/Carroll Gardens DMZ. Check out the interiors and some floorplans in the gallery above.
· Official website: 25 Carroll []
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25 Carroll Street

25 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 Visit Website