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Finally, an Easily Attainable Celebrity Apartment!

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Celebrity listings are mostly for ogling, not buying, by the not-so-rich?until now! New York Magazine finds an actual affordable celebrity apartment on the Upper East Side, former Mad Men star Bryan Batt's East 79th Street 1BR co-op. The place, which he's had since the late 1980s, is asking $425,000. From the details given about the apartment, we're guessing it's the ground-floor unit at 308 East 70th Street, shown in the gallery above. If it is indeed Batt's place, the decor is...shockingly normal for a celebrity, especially a celebrity who also owns a New Orleans furniture store.
· Listing: 308 East 79th Street, #1G [Elliman]
· Bryan Batt's Upper East Side Co-op Is on the Market [NYM]

308 East 79th Street

308 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075