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$34 Million Trump Penthouse Wants to Beat Derek Jeter

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That Saudi prince will have to up his offer if he wants to live atop the city's tallest (for now!) residential tower. The listing for the Trump World Tower penthouse said to have enticed the prince?who was actually checking out Derek Jeter's place but "could not fathom the idea that anyone might live above him"?has hit the market via Elliman superbroker Dolly Lenz for $34.5 million. The fancy 5,400-square-foot digs (with over $20,000 in monthly carrying costs) currently belong to the guy who owns Greenwich Village gluten-free paradise Risotteria, so now you know why a bowl of rice there costs $18.

The penthouse in The Donald's black monolith near the United Nations is typical Trump. The big glassy box won't wow pre-war diehards, but the epic 360-degree views (from the quote-unquote 90th floor), 20-foot ceilings and marble bathrooms will surely lure a big fish from some foreign land. As for the price tag, decide for yourself if this place is $14 million better than Jeter's clubhouse two floors down. The $34 million floorplan:

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Trump World Tower

327 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017