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Bushwick Rental Building Swept Out to Sea

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It looks like Photoshop trickery, but the newly renovated six-unit building at 64 Palmetto Street in Bushwick really does look like that. The checkerboard pattern is part of the building's new identity as the Ocean Blue Residence, where apartments are going for $1,000 to $3,000 per month after the economy killed an earlier condo plan. The developer tells BushwickBK he wanted to bring "a new attraction to the neighborhood," though based on the early reviews from some neighbors, attraction might not be the right word. Inside there are blue walls, blue lights and beach murals, and mock it if you will, but all but one apartment have been rented in a week. Then again, maybe those people just wanted to not have to look at the place from the outside.
· Neighbors Torn on New ‘Checkerboard’ Building [BushwickBK via Brownstoner]