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Downtown Brooklyn Gets a Hipster-Staffed Bed & Breakfast

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Don't tell the eight artistic twenty-somethings shacked up at 136 Lawrence Street that the dream of Brooklyn communal living is dead. The housemates have been living the cooperative life for over a year, sharing chores, meals and dog-eared copies of Jonathan Lethem novels. But now they want more than just a lifestyle that frightens their parents. They want profits! The Local shares the news that the group is set to open a bed and breakfast within their compound, where visitors can pay $40 for a hostel-style bunk bed or $120-$140 for something more private. But where's the sharing in that?

It's called 3B, and check out the adorable website for all the details, including a blog about the ongoing renovations and what is likely the world's only bed and breakfast staff page that includes a Harvard graduate who is "often found brewing kombucha, sprouting beans, or watering the rooftop's fledgling assembly of cherry tomatoes." Hotels popping up in residential buildings have been a hot topic, but will neighbors be more lenient when the operation is run by a lovable group of post-grads instead of callous businessmen?
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