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20 Pine Penthouse Wishes It Had a Million (More) Dollars

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Now that the Financial District condo conversion's subway station is open, it's a little easier to get out of 20 Pine?at least in theory. For the owner of PH50, leaving appears to be a little more complicated than following the signs on sub-cellar 1. The owner picked up the 2,172-square-foot penthouse for $2,912,195 in April of 2009. After giving the place a manly makeover, complete with zebra-print chairs and a custom solarium, the owner was ready to resell. But so far, no one's been willing to pay the more than $1 million markup. The place first hit the market in July asking $4.5 million, and now it's down to $4 million. C'mon, people, stop making Michael Shvo cry!
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20 Pine Street

20 Pine Street, New York, NY