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The Fairchild's Rooftop A/C Heats Up Tribeca Neighbor's Temper

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Last summer we heard from a ticked-off neighbor of the Fairchild, the new Karl Fischer creation at 55 Vestry Street that has attracted boldface buyers like James Gandolfini. Our tipster was less than happy about the noise from the building's rooftop A/C unit, and the controversy has yet to die down. Several tipsters inform us the neighborhood has now been plastered with flyers (seen after the jump) alleging all sorts of nasty noise pollution. One angry Fairchild neighbor even alleges that the air system is shut off during open houses to hide the problem, and that complaints have been made to city agencies. We couldn't find any violations connected to the issue, but we've reached out to the sales team and will update when we hear back. People of Tribeca: Can you hear us?

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The Fairchild

55 Vestry Street, New York, NY