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Chelsea Residents Now Fighting Homeless Shelter in Court

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The residents of Chelsea have at no point been thrilled about the Bowery Residents' Committee's plans to put a 12-story homeless shelter at 127 West 25th Street. But the discovery that the BRC may have ignored zoning laws in the plans it filed with the Department of Buildings?by leaving out the nursing stations, exam rooms, and doctors' offices not permitted under zoning but planned for the building anyway?gave the neighbors an opening to protest the shelter. Now, the Post reports, the Chelsea Business and Property Owners Association has filed a lawsuit alleging that BRC and the city are cooperating to flout zoning laws and city regulations that limit the size of homeless shelters. BRC's strategy: to finish building the shelter and get it occupied ASAP so it will be harder for a judge to evict shelter residents. A move guaranteed to smooth things over in the neighborhood!
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127 West 25th Street

127 West 25th Street, New York, NY