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Renwick Developer Facing Lawsuit

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The Real Deal is reporting that Harry Jeremias, founder of the Harch Group might soon be facing a foreclosure lawsuit. He defaulted on a $55.3 million loan for his Renwick development in Soho (if you'll recall, this was the development boasting a ridiculous sound system) This guy has just never had too much luck being good with money, since he was also previously sued after he defaulted on $83 million in loans for the Jasper and for defaulting on a $48 million loan to renovate an office building at 216 West 18th Street. In 2008 Jeremias told the New York Times "There is a Plan B and a Plan C. In a lot of different markets throughout the country, they don’t have a Plan B or a Plan C.” Does he have a plan D? A plan Q?

· Harch Group founder faces foreclosure suit at the Renwick Condo