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Burg's Monkey Town Becomes Funky Town; Manhattan Plaza Rant

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WILLIAMSBURG?Brownstoner reports that the residential addition atop former restaurant/gallery/performance space Monkey Town is complete, and it's weird! What else would we expect from architect Philip Toscano. Rents at 58 North 3rd Street so far range from $2,500 for 1BRs to $4,000 for 2BRs. Here's a glimpse of the interiors. [Brownstoner]

HELL'S KITCHEN?Manhattan Plaza is already a Scaffolding Nightmare, but a reader has more to say on the matter: "The scaffolding went up in Aug. of 2009 and not a single hour's worth of work has been done. A sign went up in the lobbies and elevators in July to say that they were sorry for the delay but work would start on August 12. I wonder what year they're talking about since Aug. 12th has come and gone and still not a single bit of work has been done. I wish high paying retail tenants such as Esca and West Bank Café would make a bunch of noise about this. It totally sucks!!" [CurbedWire Inbox[