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East Harlem Megaproject Cannot Be Stopped

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Like Atlantic Yards, Columbia and other controversial eminent domain cases, the lawsuit challenging the state's land seizure for the East Harlem Media, Entertainment and Cultural Center didn't go so well for the local business owners. Their lawsuit was dismissed, Harlem Bepoke notes, even though it was one judge's opinion that "whatever blight exists is due to the actions of the City and/or is located far outside the project area." So it's onward and upward for the $700 million East 125th Street megaproject, which when finished in 2016 (allegedly!) will have 600 affordable housing units, community and cultural space, a public plaza and office and retail space built by a team of developers. That's about five phases from now. The first phase, a 49-unit building with retail space, is now under construction on the southeast corner of 125th Street and Third Avenue. That's expected to be completed in July 2011.
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