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No Hotdogging for the Guggenheim as Snack Bar Gets Skewered

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When we revealed architect Andre Kikoski's design for a new food kiosk outside the Guggenheim Museum on Monday, we said we didn't expect the Landmarks Preservation Commission to deny the museum its snack time. Whoops! Yesterday the LPC trashed the proposal and voted 9-0 to deny the application. The commissioners said the tiny teardrop-shaped stand underneath the Fifth Avenue overhang was too intrusive and distracted from Frank Lloyd Wright's landmark. "All of our standard appropriateness tests are not met here," said Chairman Bob Tierney. "(The kiosk) takes away from the beautiful horizontal plane of the entryway," added Commissioner Joan Gerner.

A number of community groups spoke out against the proposal, and Guggenheim officials did not say what they planned to do next. Their intention was to compete with food cart vendors by offering a more attractive alternative, but the LPC was unswayed. "I'm sympathetic with the problem, but not at all sympathetic with the solutions," said Commissioner Frederick Bland. Long live the dirty water dogs!
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