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Scoping Out The Sheffield's Starchitecture Views

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[Photos by Douglas Land.]

For a time, The Sheffield (née Sheffield57) was one of the city's most controversial buildings. We call that the Ice Age. But one ownership change later, the massive condo conversion is quietly going about its business, and business is good! The apartments came back on the market last spring following a sales freeze, with a number of big new layouts and some readjusted pricing. Public records show just over 30 closings since then, from the $600s to over $3 million. Prices in the building now range from $700,000 to $7.6 million.

This week The Sheffield sales team invited us over for a look at the place, specifically the six fully furnished model apartments. That's a lot of real estate to gawk at, which distracted us from the fact that the amenities are sadly still under construction. (Nice renderings on the website, though.) The building advertises its Central Park views heavily, but architecture geeks will get a kick out of the very personal relationship some apartments have with Norman Foster's Hearst Tower next door. So there is one amenity that's finished: the ability to spy on Cosmo editors.
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The Sheffield

322 w 57th street, New York, New York 10019