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The One 15 Central Park West Apartment That's a Tough Sell

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Shockingly, not every 15 Central Park West apartment doubles in value within two years. Fresh off the building's coronation in the New York Times, the PriceChopper has again paid a visit to unit #2D, the infamous former FSBO where not even a fresh set of photos could shield us from the horrors hidden within. Sold for $4.327 million and once re-listed for as much as $8.5 million, the 2,179-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA without a Central Park view has now fallen to $6.9 million after a fresh $900,000 cut. It's still not the cheapest two-bedroom in the building, and oddly there's still an active $7.9 million listing for the place as well. That's our #2D, always up to something.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023