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Queens Tennis Club Might Become Hotel Instead of Condos

The members of Forest Hill's West Side Tennis Club said no to developer Cord Meyer's proposal to turn the club into luxury condos (with swimming pool!) because they wanted to hold out for an offer that would keep the club's historic character. So far their only choice is...turning the place into a Marriott Hotel. The chain's planning to submit a bid for the site by the mid-November deadline, according to the Daily News. It's actually Marriott's second swing at getting the site?the former home of the U.S. Open?after a failed $7 million bid to put an extended-stay hotel there in the 1990s. Club members didn't love the idea then, and we have a feeling the only thing that's different now is the pricetag on Marriott's plan. But maybe luxury condos will start to look like the lesser of two evils.
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