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Today's Up-and-Coming Neighborhood: Long Island City

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We thought Long Island City got rolling a few weeks ago, but the Daily News has declared today Long Island City Day, with three articles raving about the 'hood and some of its new luxury buildings. Not to mention the upcoming Hunters Point South, new supermarkets, Jetblue's headquarters, and, ah, New York City's Health Department. As for where LIC newbies should think about living, the Daily News has a few suggestions. First up is East of East, the new upscale/artsy building that's also trying for a connection to the area's industrial roots. And last but not least is Arris Lofts (right), the warehouse-to-loft conversion where pricing is still around 2006 levels and where residents hang out together and decorate their apartments with trendy furniture. Just don't mind the buyer lawsuits.
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