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Anything Below 14th Street Now The Suburbs

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At least that's what Luxuryloft is claiming. Painting a picture of downtown as the newest circle of hell, they say that it's basically just a suburb except you can walk around in it! They cite a broker who says (be careful it gets pretty gross):

Downtown dwellers love being able to walk to work. Walking is the one thing suburbs don’t allow. Downtown used to be all about manufacturing and finance offices: gentrification has changed that forever. A walk down a typical downtown street will include commercial lofts transformed into elegant homes, a doorman greeting guests?..tree lined streets, sidewalks with Mom’s or nannies with strollers, several Starbuck’s, only Downtown there is a strong infusion of unique boutiques and restaurants with an edgier flavor than Uptown, and certainly more interesting than the mix offered in Greenwich, Alpine or White Plains.” Thanks for letting us know that we're not in Alpine! In all seriousness, there is some semblance of truth to downtown losing some "edge" (a pretty "duh" statement), but we're not buying this one, brokers. We've reached a verdict: Downtown is not a suburb.

· Downtown! Manhattan's favored suburb [Luxuryloft]