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The Lower Manhattan Expressway That Wasn't; Queens Day at LPC

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LOWER MANHATTAN?Forget New Domino, the prize for craziest architectural model of the moment goes to the Cooper Union's reconstruction of late architect Paul Rudolph's vision for the Lower Manhattan Expressway, which of course was never built. The project included not only the roads but also oodles of vertical housing above it. Definitely pops more than that LoMEx Google Map. A Curbed tipster dropped by the exhibit and took some great pictures. Check 'em out on Flickr. [Cooper Union/Flickr]

QUEENS?It's often alleged that the Landmarks Preservation Commission completely ignores Queens, but tomorrow the LPC is giving the borough its own day! (And then never bring up Queens again, please.) The five designation votes are all within Prince Akeem's favorite part of NYC, and include the 210-building Ridgewood South Historic District and the Queens General Court Building. [CurbedWire Inbox]