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Venture Capitalist/Trump U. Prof Makes Double Lucida Buy

A couple of PriceChoppers and one TV appearance later, Penthouses A and B at Upper East Side condo The Lucida have finally found a buyer. That's right, both of 'em! What did it take? Oh, just a few million off the apartments' initial asking prices, but they call them combo deals for a reason. The two penthouses sold for a combined $15.8 million. PHA was initially asking $9,853,200, and PHB was once on the market for $10,006,350. Together they take up over 6,800 square feet, which we're betting even the biggest 86th Street hater wouldn't mind calling home. The buyer is an LLC with a 62 East 83rd Street address, which leads us to Paul Wimer, a venture capitalist and Trump University professor who appears to own that address, a recently combined single-family townhouse that has been on the market recently. If this is what The Donald is paying his teachers, might we offer our services to Trump U.? Blogging workshop, janitor, whatever: we're multi-talented!

UPDATE: Wimer's team got in touch to let us know that he wasn't the buyer. Given the buyer's LLC address, we're guessing the real Lucida purchaser might be a 62 East 83rd Street tenant.

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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028