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Architect Proposes the Ed Hardy T-Shirt of Tribeca Houses

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission said okay to Tribeca getting a Henry Smith-Miller-designed rock-climbing wall, but we have a feeling their patience and leniency end where the architect's rendering (above) for 187 Franklin Street begins. Architect Jeremy Edmiston wants to add two more stories to what is now a three-story single-family home. But what's the deal with the Ed Hardy-style facade? Edmiston tells the Tribeca Trib that the home's owners?who have "outgrown" the current space?want more sunlight. This design adds plenty of windows, but they're recessed and angled at 30 degrees to keep away prying eyes from the Tribeca Film Center across the street. Because this is exactly the kind of facade that will stop the neighbors from staring.
· Architect's Bold Proposal for Redesigning a Tribeca Home [Trib Trib]