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Fort Greene's Atlantic Terrace Stands Its Ground, Hits Market

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Back in 2007, planned Brooklyn co-op building Atlantic Terrace had to erase one of its green features, rooftop solar panels, when Atlantic Yards renderings revealed that Frank Gehry's buildings would keep Atlantic Terrace in shadow. Three years later, Frank Gehry's planned buildings are no more?and Atlantic Terrace is on the market, touting its eco-friendliness and LEED Gold certification. We took the 15-minute subway ride from Union Square to Fort Greene this weekend to check out the range of 1BR-to-penthouse units. The lower floors of the 10-story building are dusty and still under construction but they all smell nice and new. Most of the appliances and materials were made in Brooklyn.
Of the 80 units in the building, only 20 will be sold at market rate. Prices for the penthouses with private terraces range from $800,000 for 1,297 square feet up to around $1 million for an 1,818 square footer. Other units range from $350,000 for a 680-square-foot 1BR to $775,000 for a 1,300-square-foot 3BR. The remaining 60 apartments will go by lottery.
?Photos and reporting by Zoe Katleman

· Official website: Atlantic Terrace []
· Listings: 212 South Oxford Street [Corcoran]