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Northside Piers Buyer Curious About Kitchen's 'San Andreas Fault'

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Toll Brothers' Two Northside Piers, the second tower in the Williamsburg waterfront development, recently got its TCO, which means it's time for buyers to inspect the goods before closing. They're comparing notes over on StreetEasy, and one buyer posted a picture to ask fellow future neighbors about an item of concern: "Did anyone have issues with the big fissures / natural cracks on 2 NSP kitchen counter tops? It looks like the san andreas fault. They say it's in a lot of other unit's counters but not sure if I should believe them."

Cue the marble madness as commenters sound off, with most fairly sure the fissure (right) is not like those on other units' kitchen counters. (Said one: "That's not part of the stone, that's a repair job. They better not try that with me, I'll lose it.") The buyer who posted the original question claims not to be allowed to bring in an independent inspector. Standard new-construction hazard, or a fault line waiting to erupt into a Northside Piers earthquake?
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