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High-End Clock Tower Condo Conversion Lives, Sort Of

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One of our favorite projects proposed pre-Lehman was the condo conversion of the old MetLife building on Madison Square Park. When first announced in summer 2008, the plans were grand: 55 Versace-designed, $3,500/square foot luxury condos, in a building to be known as the Clock Tower. More than two years have ticked away since with hardly a word about the project?until now! There are a few details buried in a Crain's article about plans for the old New York Times building. The good news: the project is still alive. The bad news: Clock Tower, we hardly know you anymore. The building will now have around 100 units, probably not designed by Versace. The apartments will probably hit market in 2012, which might give us enough time to recover from our depression over the demise of that six-floor penthouse.
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5 Madison Avenue

5 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010