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Hairstylist and Photog in West Village Celebrity Pricing War?

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If there's anything better than one over-$5 million 1BR West Village penthouse, it has to be two over-$5 million 1BR West Village penthouses. A tipster points out that famed photographer Stewart Shining is probably taking his cue at 302 West 12th Street from famed hairstylist Sally Hershberger, owner of the one-bedroom penthouse at nearby 299 West 12th Street. Hershberger picked up her little building-topper for a similar $1.85 million in 2001 and listed it this summer for $5.9 million. Quite the perspective on the last decade's economy. "I'm not sure which is more astounding - the price or the views?" our tipster wonders. "Speaking of price wars, they'll be able to give each other the finger from their respective terraces!" Since Hershberger's got the wider terrace, we're tempted to hand her this round.
· Listing: 299 West 12th Street PHC [Sotheby's]