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Famed Photog's Amazing West Village View Worth $5.5 Million?

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Having shot for Vanity Fair, Vogue and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue over the years, photographer Stewart Shining has achieved the level of fame that comes with a Wikipedia page. No doubt some of his inspiration comes from waking up every morning and stepping out onto his 60-foot-long terrace that features Hudson River and Empire State Building views. Scenic! But the shutterbug is closing the lens. His one-bed, one-bath penthouse in pre-war West Village condo building 302 West 12th Street just hit the market. Now, scholars have argued for centuries about how to factor private outdoor space into an apartment's price. This listing should add some fuel to that fire.

It's a cute little apartment with charming features (12' ceilings, French doors) that property records show Shining picked up for $1.25 million in 2000. A decade later, the price is $5.5 million, which we think outpaces inflation just a wee bit. The brokerbabble talks up the terrace something fierce (as does the floorplan, seen below) and refers to the place as a "magical one of a kind space floating high above Manhattan and bathed in golden sunsets." If only that gold could be mined, then this asking price wouldn't be an issue.

· Listing: 302 West 12th Street [Corcoran]