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Bowery's Days of Hell Coming to an End?

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The Bowery's New Museum is one of our favorite buildings?it even inspired a Halloween costume!?but some critics think the minimalist architecture stacked in place by Pritzker-winning firm SANAA is being ruined by Ugo Rondinone's rainbow-colored "Hell, Yes!" sign, which has adorned the museum's facade since it opened. Well, according to art blog Hyperallergic, the New Museum is about to say hell no to Hell, Yes! But that doesn't mean the museum is going all Plain Jane on us. Rumor has it that the installation is being replaced with Isa Genzken's 30-foot-tall "Rose" sculpture, which, if true, would mean that the city is being taken over not by bedbugs but by gigantic steel flowers. Hell...yes?
· Is “Hell, Yes” Being Replaced at the New Museum? [Hyperallergic via The Measure]

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