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Abandoned Greenpoint Hospital is This Year's Best Haunted House

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[Photos by Nathan Kensinger.]

Just in time for Halloween, photographer/urban explorer Nathan Kensinger dared to step inside one of Brooklyn's scariest ruins: the empty nurses' residence building in the Greenpoint Hospital complex, subject of a long and bitter development battle. Post-patients, the building became a homeless shelter and later a squatter haven, hence the current ghost town feel, including "shoes, beds, and a VHS copy of Runaway Bride." Kensinger adds: "On upper floors, a huge colony of pigeons has taken roost. The air is thick with choking fumes from mountains of bird droppings." Lovely! Check out the gallery above for a few peeks inside, but click through to Kensinger's site for more creepy shots.
· Greenpoint Hospital: Nurses' Residence [Nathan Kensinger Photography]