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Holy Macaroni! Carroll Gardens Condos Flying Off the Shelves

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The old Brooklyn Macaroni Company warehouse at 25 Carroll Street was turned into 17 lofts that opened for business last weekend. The apartments, priced from $475,000 to $1.449 million, look pretty snazzy, though some might not favor the isolated bordering-on-Red-Hook location. How has the building been received? One StreetEasy message boarder filed this stunning open house report:

3 days after the thursday opening party, 15 of the 17 units have accepted offers and the other two were getting offers as we walked around at 3 pm. I thought they were priced to move fast, although that speed is kind of astonishing. there were no walls, no appliances, no floors, not even an elevator shaft, but the building, rendering and location were enough to get people very excited. a obviously accepted offer doesn't mean anything but one of the units had 5 backup offers!!

So...pretty well then?
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25 Carroll Street

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