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Related's Boss Wanted Building Destroyed for Being Ugly

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The fight between 3 Columbus Circle developer Joseph Moinian and the Related Companies over the recently glassed-up building's fate seemed to end in Moinian's favor when SL Green swooped in to help Moinian make his debt payments. But Moinian hasn't gotten closure yet: He's filed suit in State Supreme Court against Related and its head Stephen Ross, alleging a "long-lived predatory lending scheme" with the ultimate goal of getting control of the building, the Times and Post report. Just what were Ross's motives for targeting the building for demolition right after its pricey facade facelift? His office at the Time Warner Center looks out at 3 Columbus Circle, and, like many a Curbed commenter, Ross felt the building was ugly. So he wanted to build a new one to improve his view! (Or maybe he just wanted to shop at Nordstrom during lunch?) Moinian wants $200 million in damages.
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