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High Atop Noho at 54 Bond's Three-Story Penthouse

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: Penthouse Preview at 54 Bond Street, aka the old Bouwerie Lane Theater, Tuesday, October 26
Notable Guests: Owner and bon vivant Adam Gordon (who, sadly, arrived after we'd departed; attending to other business?); Prudential Douglas Elliman brokers Leonard Steinberg and Herve Senrequier, both nattily attired to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their monthly Luxury Letter, which you immediately should sign up to receive if you have an email account and you do not receive it already.
Dresscode: Broker chic.
Soundtrack: A mix of popular music songs including one by Jack Johnson.

Menu: The event was catered by The Bowery's preeminent failing colonialist regime restaurant, Double Crown. The best of a very tasty lot proved to be the small takeout containers filled with some sort of coconut-chicken deliciousness.
Awkward Moment: When a party attendee, spotting us with takeout container in hand, asked why we'd brought our own food to the event.
Decor: Holy hell, this place is gorgeous. How much south-facing, giant-window frontage are we talking? One hundred and six feet of it, according to Mr. Steinberg. Also not every day you find a kitchen with a wine tasting room off it, but there you go. Second floor: giant master bedroom with a flastscreen TV mounted on an easel. Three smaller bedrooms. Killer Noho views.
Flooring Material: On the first floor, a soft Belgian wood, about which virtually every conversation seemed to circle. On the second floor, dark, wide-planked reclaimed wood from a farmhouse in (if memory serves) Vermont. Slight edge: first floor.
Third Floor: Third floor? Yes, third floor. The "country house." We are not making it up, or making that name up. A rooftop perch with dining space and a wetbar opens to rooftop on both sides. To the west: a smaller patio with grill, and views down Bond Street to all its architectural glory. To the east: a grassy (fake grass, but still) knoll with views across Lower Manhattan and a feeling more bucolic than we've found in certain East Village parks.
Price: It is being "given away," per Mr. Steinberg, for $14.95 million. (The two smaller 54 Bond apartments are in contract.) Have them throw in some coconut chicken takeout, yes?
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54 Bond Street

54 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012