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My Super Put My Toilet in My Tub

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Curbed Horror Stories are firsthand reader reports about terrible apartment experiences past and present. Got a Curbed Horror Story of your own? Send it to

"I lived at a not-so-great place in Brooklyn. Loud neighborhood, graffiti in the elevator, but it was cheap, spacious, and I was new to the city so it worked. Every now and then my downstairs neighbor would knock on the door complaining of water leaking into their bathroom. Not ever doing anything outside the normal bathroom activities, I had no idea why this would happen to them and said they need to talk to the super. The complaints became more frequent, so even I started knocking on the super’s door asking him to fix the leak. He came upstairs a few times and would check, but said everything looked okay. (Yeah, right).

Finally one night it seems like the dam burst downstairs; water was pouring into my neighbors bathroom. We all complained and finally the super took drastic action. He turned off all the water to our apartments and looked for that freaking leak. I mean really looked for it.

He found it. And fixed it. But not before doing this to bathroom. Yes, that is my toilet in the tub. And that light just beneath the black pipe towards the bottom left of the photo? That’s my neighbor’s bathroom light. The water was off for more than a few days and dust was everywhere in the apartment while the super fixed the leaked. We even spent a night at a hotel when we couldn’t take it anymore.

Yes, 'we.' I was a newlywed. No, we don’t live there anymore. We have a much better apartment now."
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