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Patrick Swayze's Starring Role in the History of Soho Gentrification

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Quick, think of the movie Ghost. What comes to mind? Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting freaky behind a pottery wheel. The Righteous Brothers. Whoopi Goldberg. How about: Hollywood's lasting document of a pre-gentrified Soho? amNew York makes the compelling case that the 20-year-old flick is just that, a celebration of a time when Soho was dominated by artists, not tourists. For real! Here's an example:

Sam and Molly’s apartment
104 Prince St.

When Sam and Molly move into their SoHo loft, the couple knocks out an old wall, discovering a vast, high-ceiling space that, like much of the neighborhood, was once used in the manufacturing industry. Today, in a mark typical of the neighborhood’s changes, the building’s beautiful, white cast iron facade houses a Calvin Klein Underwear shop and a designer handbag store.Click through for more updates on Ghost locations, but the results are all pretty much the same. Trivia time! On what street was Swayze's character's (SPOILER ALERT!) death scene filmed. Hint: Neighbors now include Kelly Rips and a fancypants boutique hotel.
· Reel estate: Following the haunts of 'Ghost,' 20 years later [amNew York]