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Plaza Resale Suffering From Charlie Sheen Shame?

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There are good times to try and sell your condo in the Plaza hotel, like when the luxury market is sizzling, and there are bad times, like when recent headlines about the building involve The Situation and a coked-up Charlie Sheen rampage. Now would be one of the bad times, but that hasn't stopped the owner of #1513, a 2,285-square-foot pad with two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and views of Fifth Avenue and the Plaza Garden, but no Central Park. Sadly, this one looks like another Plaza money loser.

In the summer of 2007, the apartment sold to Akplaz Corp. for about $7.15 million, a 2007-reminiscent price of $3,128 per square foot. It made its first appearance on the resale market in the spring of 2009 for $8.85 million, but a number of PriceChops eventually brought the price down to $6.45 million, a sad state of affairs. Now the listing has resurfaced with a new broker, celeb-friendly Corcoran rep Lauren Muss, and an even lower asking price of $5.8 million, about 19% below that 2007 purchase price. That's in line with what the experts tell us about the losses in Manhattan property values between 2007 and now, but c'mon, this is the freakin' Plaza we're talking about! We're sure the seller can make up the difference by unloading whatever he can Hoover up from the carpet in Charlie Sheen's suite. Here's the floorplan for #1513:

Oh, and here's a Taiwanese animation of Charlie Sheen trashing his room:

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