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Broker Claims to Have Found an SRO That's Not a Shithole

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With Bowery flophouses making way for fancy towers and rundown old hotels getting converted to glitzy boutiques like the Jane and Ace, the glory days of the single room occupancy (SRO) are long gone. And that's a good thing, because SROs are all kind of gross, aren't they? Not according to real estate broker Pauline Millard, who was checking out properties in the Village and stumbled upon one at West 11th Street and Fifth Avenue. Even though the bathrooms are down the hall, it wasn't so bad!

On her blog, Millard writes:

Even more rare is that this one is very well maintained. Perhaps its proximity to NYU explains the clean hallways and very clean common bathroom down the hall. I saw students coming in and out during the 20 minutes I was there. If all one needs is a room with a view, then this fifth floor walk up is perfect. It's 12 feet by 6 feet and judging from the floors and the fact that the sink and counter were taken out, I'm guessing the last resident was here for a looooong time.

Landlord didn't have a price posted for this yet. What do you think it should go for? $1,000 a month?

Wait, the landlord doesn't charge by the week? This ain't your granddad's flophouse!
· Found! And SRO On West 11th Street And Fifth Avenue! [la pauline 2.0]