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One Hanson Place Brings in the Chopper to Get Sales Done

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Fort Greene's One Hanson Place is running out of for-sale units, and to celebrate, the sales team wants to?unload them faster, for less money! Building reps tell us One Hanson is beginning a close-out sale to find buyers for the last 12 units. And by sale, they mean 20 to 40 percent off original asking prices. This isn't the first-time the building has seen double-digit choppage, but it's the first time that choppage has been shouted from the (borough's once highest) rooftop. The largest slice off the top appears to be at unit 26A, which was originally asking $5,875,000 and is now $3,450,000, or 41 percent off. There are some sizable discounts among the other 11, too.

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