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Timberlake's Gone, But Some Buyers Still Want Pearline Soap

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Just because Justin Timberlake got tired of Tribeca's 414 Washington Street, thanks to the paparazzi hanging around outside for his photo, doesn't mean the Pearline Soap Factory doesn't still have its fans. Like Laight Street Properties Inc., the company masking the new owner of 414 Washington's units 1A and 2A. The mystery buyer picked up the two units in the middle of this month, with the deals hitting public record today. 1A went for a neat $2 million, a slim profit over its sale for $1.629 million a year ago. But 2A's $3 million closing price is a sad loss from the 2008 purchase price of $3,767,525. You do hate to see that. But we can forgive anything if there's a combo unit in our future.
From old listings, the floorplans for the building's first two floors:

· Sold: 78 Laight Street #2A [StreetEasy]
· Sold: 78 Laight Street #1A [StreetEasy]
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Pearline Soap Factory

414 Washington Street, New York, NY