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Clinton Hill: Not Just for Down-on-Their-Luck Old Ladies Anymore

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Way back in 1851, the building at 320 Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill was built as the Brooklyn Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Indigent Females. It was paid for by a lawyer who wanted to provide for "indigent gentlewomen who, by previous culture and refinement," didn't want to take public assistance. Fancy and formerly rich ladies moving to Clinton Hill?! Apparently so, because, as the Times explains in what may be its longest-ever article about a Clinton Hill listing, the home existed for more than a century. Then it became an inn and, in 2002, a condo with a "Graham Home for Old Ladies" plaque above the door and a condo board president who refers to the residents as "the old ladies." There are now a couple of resales on the market. One, the first-floor three-bedroom above, is asking $849,000. That's a slight decrease from the original $869,000 ask, and in the line with the discounts at closing on recent buys in the building.

Also on the market is a 2BR, 2BA, third-floor unit with a private terrace. A pricechop last month brought its ask from $887,000 down to $848,000. Still probably out of the price range of any indigent old ladies.

The floorplan for #3D:

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