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Williamsburg is the Hot Vacation Spot for 2011

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We all dream of having our own luxurious waterfront vacation spot close to the city for a quick weekend retreat, but Hamptons traffic sucks and Mayor Bloomberg already owns most of Bermuda. Good thing there's the Williamsburg waterfront, the hot new getaway for stressed-out urbanites?and it's only an L train ride away! As closings kick off in two new Kent Avenue towers, the Edge and 2 Northside Piers, condo buyers are putting the apartments back on the market as rentals, and we're detecting an early theme.

Above is the e-mail flyer making the rounds for the Edge's first one-bedroom rental, which was asking $3,200-per-month when we first covered it but is now going for $3,100, with "slight negotiability" on the price. Resort living sure sounds nice, as does the listing's promised Water Taxi service. But if there's one thing the locals have learned, it's never trust the Water Taxi. Somebody should warn the tourists!

And then we have another listing sent to our inbox, billed as the first rental in the second Northside Piers tower. It's a furnished "junior one-bedroom" going for $2,750/month, which doesn't sound too crazy for a New Yorker looking for a never-lived-in apartment with a doorman and all sorts of amenities. Well too bad, because according to the listing, it's purpose is to serve as a "Great Vacation home only 10 minutes to Union Square and some of New York City's main attraction." And just like a proper vacation home, everything is taken care of: "Every piece of furniture is fresh out of the box, from the queens size bed to the dinning room table, there's also a 42" flat screen TV, new dishes and many more." Lovely, but remember, when visiting tropical destinations, be wary of earthquakes.
· Listing: Edge, 22 North 6th Street [Elliman]
· Listing: Northside Piers, 47 North 4th Street #3T [Nest Seekers]

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