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Williamsburg Hotel Toshi Outpost Did Not Scram as Planned

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The appearance of a new Hotel Toshi outpost is usually marked by a stream of complaints to the Curbed tipline, complaints to the Department of Buildings, and, sometimes, the eviction of the Toshi folks. That was almost the case at Williamsburg's 135 Metropolitan Avenue, where a tipster reported an imminent bust of the short-stay hotel and a plan to put the building's eight units back on the rental market. But in fact, a tipster now tells us, Toshi has gone nowhere. "The building is still being rented out short term to an ever changing array of tourists," the tipster complains, offering up photographic evidence of tourists on a balcony (right) and a listing for one short-term apartment in the building. We see no longer-term rental listings for the building, either. Anyone know what's going at 135 Metropolitan?
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