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Thinking About A Country Home?

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The Times thinks it may be a good time to buy that city getaway if you're looking at places upstate and even in Jersey. A 20% reduction from peak prices indicates that if you want that lake house, this might not be a bad time to bite the bullet and make your fresh air dreams come true. Here's some numbers for you: "According to the New York State Association of Realtors, the number of resales of single-family homes (which includes primary residences as well as second homes) in Columbia County was up 36.3 percent the first half of this year compared with the first half of 2009, and prices edged up 4.1 percent during that period. In Ulster County, the total number of sales grew 43.2 percent and prices grew 6.6 percent. In Suffolk County, on Long Island, which includes the Hamptons and the less pricey North Fork, the number of sales jumped 46.5 percent, but prices were down 0.8 percent. " Any loyal readers who have been thinking about a second home care to opine on the market?

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