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Obnoxious Party Animal/Doctor Getting Evicted

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Dr. Joseph Mirakhor has been renting an apartment at 31 West 21st Street (the same building where Shia LaBeouf's character in "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" lived) for $12,000 a month to the dismay of his neighbors. Well, no longer! A judge has ordered that the Doctor/bad neighbor vacate by Monday as a result of the crazy loud parties he's been hosting. How bad did it get? Well the lawyer for the owner of the loft had this to say, "After hearing the horrendous activities that took place in the apartment, the court appropriately denied his motion to stay and for the landlord to go ahead with the eviction. His parties have gone on incessantly . . . Tenants came to testify because there have been people coming out of these parties drunk at all hours. They fear for their safety." Yikes! The parties sometimes last until 10:30 a.m, leaving us wondering how you can party so hard while still being a presumably competent doctor. Of course, every story has two sides, with Dr. Mirakhor saying "Since when is it against the law to host dinner soirees with friends who happen to be some of New York's leading socialites? The landlord and tenants have blown this out of proportion as a smear campaign against me, and I intend to fight these allegations vigorously." We wonder if he's throwing a farewell bash. We also wonder if we're invited.

· Judge orders wild-partying doctor to leave Flatiron apartment by Monday night [NYP]