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Landlord Sues to Stop Tenants from Meeting in the Hallway

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Hey, here's an innovative tactic to prevent those pesky tenant associations that ultimately lead to tenants asking their landlords for things: sue the building residents to get them to stop meeting. That's the owner's latest move at 1234 Broadway, a 325-room SRO at Broadway and 31st Street where a judge already took the tenants' side in a May decision and the case is now in the midst of an appeal, The Real Deal explains. The landlord sued with the argument that the tenant meetings are a safety hazard because they've been held in the eighth-floor hallway (which happens to be the building's largest open space). About 1,000 people live in the building, so maybe they're just trying to come up with the perfect setting for a Verizon commercial?
· Broadway SRO owner fights in-building tenant gatherings [Real Deal]