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Community Board Doesn't Want Starchitecture Sullied by Newsstand

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Lower Manhattan's Community Board 1 has backed the owners of the I.M. Pei-designed tower at 88 Pine Street in the struggle to preserve the building's pristine sidewalk from the destructive forces of old-fashioned print media. After a vendor filed plans to open a newsstand in front of the building to serve the Wall Street crowd, Orient Overseas Associates went on the warpath, saying the structure would ruin the "iconic" building's dignity, because a newsstand is "like someone squatting right in front of you."

A community board subcommittee disagreed but asked the Department of Consumer Affairs to look into moving the newsstand, but now the full board has voted to deny the vendor's application, reports the Tribeca Trib, because boardmembers want the 40-foot-wide sidewalk to remain free of "obstacles." Aspiring newsie Muhammad Ahsan still plans on taking his case to the DCA, whose stance on Late-Modernism could not be confirmed as of press time.
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