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Tribeca's Ultimate Bachelor Pad Revealed, Complete With TV Pod

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The living room that looks like a lounge. The billiards table. The wacky home theater hatch. The stainless steel kitchen that shows zero wear and tear. The completely neglected second bedroom. The action figures. We'd call this 4,000-square-foot loft at Tribeca's 71 Murray Street the ultimate mancave, but look at all those windows! Records show the condo was purchased in 2003 for $2.2 million by Fahd Mumtaz?perhaps this guy??and now it's back on the market for a manly $5.95 million. We'd invite ourselves over for Monday Night Football, but those home theater confines look a bit too cozy, bro.

· Listing: Truly One of a Kind - 71 Murray Street [Sotheby's]