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Banker, Jeweler Battle for Big Bucks at 15 Central Park West

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We bring your attention to a pair of new-to-market resales at Upper West Side condo castle 15 Central Park West. On the smooth limestone surface, they appear to be similar: Both are 2BR/2.5BA units picked up in 2008 by owners who are now, in typical 15 CPW fashion, looking to nearly double their money. Look closer, and these listings inspire an epic debate: trees vs. terrace. Park vs. planters. Spying on joggers vs. cracking open al fresco lagers. Let's get it on!
The more expensive of the pair is #24B, bought for nearly $5.4 million by Deutsche Bank big shot Kay Haigh. Haigh now wants to make a $9.5 million withdrawal from the building, and the listing shows off some nice pictures (above) of those direct Central Park views from the living room and master bedroom.

Then there's #9M, a second-class citizen because it's on the Broadway-facing side of the building. Usually these 15 CPW comparisons are no contest, but here's the twist: The unit has one of the biggest non-penthouse private outdoor spaces we've seen in the building. So what's more appealing to shoppers, public parks or private ones? The asking price is $8.5 million, and the apartment was bought for $4.35 million by jeweler Dong Suh. No pics on the listing yet, but here's the floorplan vs. floorplan breakdown. Preference?

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023