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High Line Becoming a Trailer Park; Stirrings at LIC's East of East

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT?Used trailers aren't just for Bushwick hipsters anymore! Friends of the High Line just announced that on October 22, a previously-occupied trailer from Sullivan County will be parked under the High Line on Gansevoort Street, where it will display art. The trailer is part of The Other End of the Line, which is inspired by the High Line's history of transporting goods from upstate New York into the city. As long as our crazy drunk uncle isn't inside, we're cool with it. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?Steel-faced Jackson Avenue condo building East of East has been open and selling for a little while now, but the on-site sales office is only now ready. Look for it on October 16. The building is an upscale product for LIC, with touches including Ipe floors and direct elevator access into units. Updated price range follows:

* 815 square foot studio lofts from $585,000
* 799 square foot 1 bed lofts with gardens from $678,000
* 1083 square foot 2 bed lofts from $727,000
* 1322 square foot lofts from $775,000 [CurbedWire Inbox]