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Rooms On This Floorplan May Be Larger Than They Appear

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In its last life, back in June of this year, 3 East 10th Street was just your ordinary for-sale multi-family townhouse, asking $9.95 million for the 25-foot-wide property with one rent-stabilized tenant. Only the "MOTIVATED SELLERS!" notation on the listing offered a hint that anything was wrong. How quickly things change! After coming off the market in mid-September, the house is headed for auction in two weeks with the low, low starting bid of $3.5 million. So what does $3.5M get a prospective bidder? Twelve wood-burning fireplaces, a private garden, and, apparently, a little extra square footage the city doesn't know about. Public records place the size of the building at 8,309 square feet, but the property is 8,825 square feet as "measured by an independent floor plan artist." Where can we hire such a person? We wouldn't mind squeezing some extra square footage into our place.
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