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Soho's Illegal Vendors Want the World to Buy Some Coke

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Longtime Soho activist Sean Sweeney has been on the front lines of keeping Canal Street's illegal vendor scene from creeping up into the neighborhood (other have been vocal, too), but the bootlegers have still made it up to the posh Soho Mews building. Can they be stopped? It's going to take a motivated police force, and Sweeney writes on NearSay that the NYPD should be interested, because the vendors are now peddling cocaine along with faux-Coach.

Residents made the claim at a community meeting last week. Sweeney writes that a "SoHo father, a third-generation New Yorker, told the police that he is actually thinking of abandoning the city, out of fear for his life as well as for the safety of his wife and child, who must walk past these thugs on a daily basis." A third-generation New Yorker being scared away by the NYC of today? C'mon, the Knicks aren't that shameful.

More on the booger sugar:

An art teacher from TriBeCa confirmed the problem. Noting that he grew up in the Sixties and knew his share about drugs, the Lispenard Street resident verified that the peddlers have expanded their illegal product line. "And it's not marijuana. It's cocaine!", explained the professor. "I know the difference." Another resident quipped that cocaine is the only item sold on Canal Street that is not counterfeit.

Questions of legality aside, a tourist and/or Lindsay Lohan isn't going to find better one-stop-shopping in this town than a fake Louie clutch and an 8-ball.
· Psst! Prada...Coach..Cocaine? [NearSay]