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Old-Money Style on Display in the Rooms of River House

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Sutton Place's storied River House co-op has been a secluded enclave for the fabulously wealthy since Hitler was just a guy with a funny mustache, though some people now think the building's star power is rapidly fading. Don't tell that to architecture critic Carter B. Horseley, who calls it, "Arguably the city's, if not the world's, finest apartment building." River House is so exclusive that brokers are told not to utter its name, commoners that they are. We say power to the people. The Internet shall be our weapon!

There are currently four 8-digit listings on the market in River House (browse 'em on StreetEasy), and though we'd never pass muster with the co-op board, these listings offer Joe Schmos like us a detailed look inside the limestone and brick walls. The price range is $11 million to $19.5 million, and the apartments include the 15-room spread belonging to romance novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford, whose bedroom kicks off the above photo gallery of our favorite River House rooms currently for sale. Spoon out some caviar, change your name to Winthrop and have a look around.
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